Caring for Pavers


Pavers are an easy and cost-effective means of providing a sealed driveway or walkway while also adding an element of design. Once pavers are placed it’s important to keep them in good condition. That’s why we at Baines Masonry have created a list of low maintenance ways in which you can keep your pavers looking fresh and elegant.

Regular Sweeping

It sounds simple, but a regular sweep can keep dirt and debris off your pavers. This is important right before it rains as wet leaves and dirt can often stain pavers, creating a larger cleanup or damaging the pavers permanently.

Rinse with Water

With all leaves and large debris removed from sweeping, it is then advised to rinse them off with water. This will remove any excess dirt stuck within the joints are also removed. If you find any mould or moss present a pressure washer can be used to clean the pavers more effectively.

Paver Cleaning Solutions

Use a paver cleaning solution to remove stains, especially when sealing your pavers. Each hardscape surface has distinctively different qualities so it’s important to use the correct cleaner for your type of paver. At Baines Masonry we have a selection of SRW paver cleaners, whether it’s removing dirt from natural stone or cast residue from wetcast, we’ve got the right cleaners to give you the best cleaning power for each surface type.

Apply a Paver Sealer

By applying a paver sealer you can keep your pavers looking new and extend their use within your design. Sealing is best performed on clean dry pavers, every year or every other year. At Baines Masonry, we have a range of quality SRW sealers to suit a variety of paver types and the look you want to achieve; penetrating, low gloss and high gloss.

Replace damaged pavers

When a paver is damaged or permanently stained it is best to replace the paver. This can often be done easily without disturbing the pavers around them. It is suggested that a couple extra pavers be purchased when constructing the project to ensure you have pavers ready when they need to be replaced. Also, when pavers are manufactured the colour may be slightly different for each batch, so having a spare paver or two from your existing paver’s batch ensures replaced pavers don’t look out of place. If your pavers are looking tired and dated, consider applying paver sealer before you replace them.

To learn more about our paver cleaner and sealers, or our paver range, talk to one of our paver experts.


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