Deciding on your paver style

Adding pavers to an area can add great value to a home whether it’s defining an outdoor entertainment area or adding structure to a pathway. Choosing the right paver can be difficult which is why the team at Baines Masonry have outlined several factors to consider when selecting pavers.

Type of Paver

The first decision is choosing the type of paver. This will generally be based on the style in which your design is based on also its application. The two main types of pavers available at Baines Masonry Blocks are our natural finish pavers and concrete pavers. Our Natural finish pavers are our TrojanStone pavers used generally for a natural and high design finish. Our concrete pavers are our ColourStone paver range made from coloured concrete. Regardless of the design of your project we have a paver to suit!

Colour Choices

When selecting a colour, simple choices that complement but not distract from your space are ideal. Remembering that colours affect moods and influence emotions, the tone can influence the aesthetics of the area. Also colour can influence how space looks in size with lighter colours generally making space appear larger. Colour can also be used to create points of interests and can be used to incorporate a pattern or unique design.

Paver Size

Pavers come in a variety of sizes from large and small. Generally the larger the paver, the smaller the space may appear. Also when considering size, application should be considered as this would affect the longevity of the products use. For example the use of large pavers in a driveway or high traffic zone may leave to increased pressures and breakages, and as such smaller pavers are suggested to be used instead.

Paver layout and Design

The layout of a paver design doesn’t need to be boring, with a multitude of different patterns available to create a unique space. Patterns can be designed to incorporate different sizes and colours along with unique placement choices. It should be noted however, that a design will be influenced by the existing aesthetics of the surrounding environment. For example, a modern home would look best with a more simple design and complementary colour.

After selecting your paver style its time get your paver project underway! For more information on our range of pavers and installation processes contact one of our masonry experts!

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