Preparing your landscape for winter


As we move further into the year we are introduced to cooler temperatures and reduced exposure to the sun. While this may be seen as a time to forget about your landscape, winter brings an opportunity to make the most out of the time, money and energy used on your garden, by following a few steps which will inevitably give your space an advantage moving into spring.

Aerate the soil

During winter the soil can compact creating an unfavourable environment for your grass and plants to grow. By breaking up dry, compacted soil, water and nutrients are able to reach the roots. If you decide to add fertiliser to the areas aerating will enable a better chance for growth.

Reduce watering

While watering is important for the growth of your plants and grass, due to the reduced heat and wetter climate of winter watering is not needed as frequently.

Ensure proper water filtration

When watering your garden and landscape you want to ensure there is proper water filtration, especially after longer periods of rain. Also with less sunlight and changes in humidity water can build up in areas. At Baines Masonry, we have a range of landscape fabrics to ensure your garden or landscape has the proper filtration. Our SRW Spunbond geotextiles allow high water flow and excellent permittivity. Professional landscapers consider SRW Spunbond fabric to be a favourite due to its strength and versatility.

Don’t forget to Mulch

Plants can suffer from frost and shock during the winter due to the drop in temperature, however, with the installation of mulch, a protective layer can be made along with the addition of much-needed nutrients. Not only is it important to have mulch but it’s important to keep it there throughout the whole season. Keep your mulch in one place and looking amazing all season long with our SRW Mulch Stabiliser - must-have landscaping product. It can even be used on sand and dirt in decorative areas to control dusting.

Sweep up and leaves or debris

While leaves falling in autumn may seem beautiful, they can become problematic for the health of your landscape as they block what’s underneath from any required sunlight. Also as different bugs come out during winter they can create a breeding ground for any unwanted creepy crawlies.

Seal and protect finishes

Regardless of the surface type, from pavers to retaining wall blocks, all surfaces require maintenance which ensures the use of the area and design long-term. Use a seal to coat your surfaces from the varying weather conditions which will also freshen the look of the area. We have a range of SRW sealers available from paver seals, stone sealers, wetcast sealers, concrete sealers and specialty sealers. We also have a range of SRW cleaning products to ensure the tough stains are removed and the area is prepared for sealing.

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