Product Focus – SRW Concrete Fibres

Concrete fibres play an important role in reinforcing concrete and providing additional structural integrity to a building or assembly. Concrete fibres are short discrete fibres that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented, with different types adding varying properties to concrete. At Baines Masonry, we have two types of SRW Concrete fibres available for your next project!



This polypropylene fiber replaces wire mats and light rebar. Perfect for precast, shotcrete and underground mining and tunnelling applications. Average dosage is 3 pounds (1.36kg) for most applications.



Our monofilament fiber is specifically engineered to inhibit and control the formation of early age cracks in concrete. This micro fiber can be used in many applications including stucco and exposed aggregate.

To discuss how you can ensure the integrity of your next project by using our SRW concrete fibers, talk to one of our industry experts!


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