Product Focus: StoneFace Veneer

StoneFace™ is an innovative new concept in architectural masonry which draws inspiration from the Australian landscape and Australian heritage buildings to create a unique and eye-catching stone finish.

The team at Baines Masonry developed a system where a reconstituted stone face finish is attached to a masonry block, creating a clean and stable appearance that lends itself to a variety of uses.

Some of the practical applications of the StoneFace™ block include:

  • Feature Walls
  • Retaining Walls | Steel and concrete reinforced cantilever Segmental, using the EarthWorks™ Retainers
  • Fences
  • Thin Bed Mortar System
  • Structural and Non-Structural
  • Commercial and Domestic construction

The StoneFace™ block is available in four finishes, inspired by the unique Australian landscape: BushRock, Charcoal, OpalRock and YellowRock.

StoneFace™ is also available as a veneer face stone that can be fixed to existing structures, available in the same finishes as the block.

The StoneFace™ block system is a thin bed mortar system fixed using SRW adhesive in order to achieve a heritage-inspired look of dry stacked stone, used for stoneworks during early Australian colonisation. When constructing a segmental retaining wall, the EarthWorks™ retainers enable a dry-stacked retaining wall to be built

The StoneFace™ block system comes in four sizes: full block, half block, full corner, and half corner.

To help with the design of your next project, including the use of the StoneFace™ block system, we at Baines Masonry have designed an online Masonry Designer Software. Baines Masonry Designer builds visualisations of walls, freely mixing different blocks, mortar colours and laying patterns.

To learn more about StoneFace™ and our other natural rock face finished retaining wall systems contact one of our masonry experts.

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