Design considerations of Cantilever Masonry Walls

Cantilever walls are a common solution used to retain soil or similar earth material, playing a vital role in sustaining the structural integrity of a site and or project. While the design is important, several practical factors must be considered when designing a retaining wall using a cantilever block system.

Design considerations for a cantilever wall are important with calculations of the pressures exerted at any point of a wall being influenced by various factors. The height of the water table, the nature and type of soil, the subsoil water movements, type of wall being constructed and the materials used in the construction of the wall, can all have an impact on the stability of a structure.

Inadequate design and consideration of such factors can result in the failure of a wall system either immediately or after some time. Such failures can include a wall moving into a sloping position, a wall exhibiting a curve on its surface, a crack appearing or the complete wall collapsing. It is recommended to have a builder or engineer advise on the correct methods of preparation and installation.

At Baines Masonry, our cantilever block systems deliver the structural integrity required to secure a project while providing an aesthetically pleasing design to suit any style. With a range of supplementary SRW products available, including geofabrics and other soil containing solutions, we provide a ‘one-stop-shop solution’ for your retaining wall needs.

To learn more about our cantilever block and SRW Products range, contact one of our industry experts.

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Can you fire proof a building?

While no building material is one hundred percent fireproof, selecting fire-resistant materials can help reduce the impact of fire and any potential tragedies. At Baines Masonry, we understand the importance of designing and constructing safe buildings, developing an innovative range of masonry products that exhibit fire-resistant characteristics.  ... Read more

Product Focus - Split face Masonry Blocks

Baines Masonry Split Face blocks are integrally coloured pre-finished architectural masonry blocks with a beautiful, rough-hewn texture. As a versatile product, our Split Face blocks suit residential and commercial buildings, along with landscape retaining walls.  ... Read more

Benefits of light weight Masonry Blocks

While new wall systems become available as innovation and design evolve, it is often the proven construction systems that are best for effective and efficient construction. Baines Masonry’s BETTA BLOCK™ is one such block system providing environmental, structural, aesthetic and economic benefits.

The Baines Masonry BETTA BLOCK™ is made of 65% heavy industry by-products, reducing the amount of landfill generated from coal fired power stations and steel making industry. It uses 40% less cement then normally required with the addition of Discrete Super Fly Ash, resulting in 40% less CO2 emissions and up to a 45% lower carbon footprint than other masonry products

The BETTA BLOCK™ is a structurally sound option for building any project, ensuring longevity not only in design but in use. While the BETTA BLOCK™ light they remain strong with a compressive strength of more than 15MPa, complying with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4455.

The BETTA BLOCK™ “H” Block has a dry weight of less than 10.5Kg, making it the lightest full block available in the range. A lighter block means more product per load, reducing the transport impact on the environment and reducing freight costs. Its light weight also reduces injury risks and OH&S claims, ensuring a safer working environment with happier and more productive employees, adding to a cycle of further economic benefits.

The BETTA BLOCK™ provides an industrial but modern design aesthetic which is easily mixed and complemented by contrasting materials, such as timber, stone and metals. It provides an opportunity to use a variety of different colours, or keeping to a monochromatic tone. With options to cover with insitue stone or rendering the design possibilities are endless!

For more information on our BETTA BLOCK™ range and how our lightweight products can save you money, contact one of our industry experts!


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Fast & Easy Masonry – Segmental Wall Systems

Mortarless segmental retaining walls provide an easy enhancement to a variety of landscape projects from small erosional control projects to retaining wall systems used along a highway. Segmental wall systems are durable, easy to use and quick to install, often used in place of treated wood, cast-in-place concrete, steel, and other retaining wall systems. Their natural aesthetic and versatile uses enable them to blend into different environments. At Baines Masonry, we have a range of segmental wall systems perfect for your next project!  ... Read more

Organic appeal with masonry blocks

Creating spaces with natural finishes has become increasingly popular when designing homes, with many homeowners wanting to incorporate outdoor spaces inside. Masonry blocks provide the answer!

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Product Focus – LockBlocks

The Baines Masonry LockBlock™ is a thin bed jointed interlocking block alternative to the standard mortared concrete block. The self-locating connectors make block laying easier and faster with no mortar to be mixed, just shell bed the blocks using SRW Adhesive to form 2mm joints.  ... Read more

New Product: BlockAid® - Bar Chairs for Block Work

BlockAid® is a ‘bar chair for block work’ proven to accurately locate the horizontal and vertical reinforcement and maintain steel alignment used in current core filling practices. Distributed by Baines Masonry Blocks, BlockAid® provides an advantage to builders as it saves money, eliminates risk and helps you achieve compliance.  ... Read more

Preparing your landscape for winter

Why Masonry Blocks are the best investment

Masonry blocks have become a material of choice for builders and designers in recent years due to the return on investment financially and the versatility in design that masonry blocks offer. The decision to use masonry blocks has been made easy with the array of benefits that explain why Masonry Blocks are the best investment.

1.Masonry blocks exhibit high durability: The nature of masonry, as a solid and strong material ensures long lasting durability and structural integrity for long periods of time. Masonry blocks can generally sustain their integrity in weather, against vandals and accidents.

2.Masonry blocks show savings financially, both initially and long-term: Masonry blocks provide a onestep building process, with an array of different textures and finishes available. This means that additional coverings or surface finishes are not required, saving money on the initial build of the project. The quality standard of our masonry blocks ensures there are less repairs and need for maintenance, providing financial savings long-term.

3.Masonry blocks have add structural integrity to a project: Masonry blocks form a solid form that can easily accommodate vertical reinforcement. This ensures projects can sustain all weather forces and technical project designs.

4.Masonry blocks provide design flexibility: The range of masonry blocks and their different finishes means that you can design your project to suit any existing or new design. As the blocks are pre-made ready for delivery changes in colour and finish can be made with flexibility up until the laying point.

5.They provide fire resistance capabilities: Masonry blocks are resistant against burning at certain temperatures and time ensuring the integrity of the building, content and the people inside.

6.Masonry blocks provide better insulation: The thermal mass of concrete masonry walls insulate against outside temperatures better than metal walls to help maintain constant temperatures inside while reducing your heating and cooling costs.

7.Acoustic levels are reduced with masonry blocks: Due to masonry blocks mass and structure noise is reduced, including inside and outside noises.

8.Masonry Blocks are environmentally sustainable: Masonry blocks are manufactures from recycled materials making them a sustainable product which help reduce waste and help the environment.

9.Masonry Blocks may provide lower insurance rates: Masonry blocks provide greater integrity to a building, which may help against break-ins, fires and intense weather.

10.Masonry blocks provide greater value to your building and/or project: Masonry blocks are a structurally sound material that have a beautiful finish. Their durability and design can increase the value of a project, whether for immediate sale or long-term investment.

To discuss how you can use our masonry blocks in your next project contact one of our experts.

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